High-Tech is also a company specializing in the field of micro-molding of technical plastic components, with high technical precision and small dimensions (up to fractions of a millimeter). Micro-molding represents a process of fundamental importance for sectors such as eyewear, precision mechanics, telecommunications, technology applied to medicine and biotechnology. The difficulty of micro-molding consists not only in dealing with small-sized products, but also in the ability to manage the different response of materials on a micrometric scale.

For this reason, Dr. Marco Belli, co-owner of High Tech, has chosen Turra as its partner for the production of mushrooms for the hinge of the glasses. Since 1955 Turra has specialized in the engineering and production of vertical injection presses for the co-molding of plastic materials, with inserts of different sizes and complex shapes.

The technical team of High-Tech and Turra, depending on the small size and structure of the piece requested, had to implement an innovative production process dedicated to the type of product. This project perfectly summarizes two of the technological skills of High-Tech and Turra: on the one hand micro-molding, on the other co-molding.

To meet the production requirements of the end customer, one of the world leaders in the production of eyewear, a fully automated production island was integrated with the Turra RT 60 Traditional vertical press with three-station rotary table and 30-ton injection unit. anthropomorphic robot and a quality control process. The vertical presses of the RT series (available in both the Traditional and Ergon lines up to 200 tons) are in fact equipped with a rotating table with high precision electric movement, a solution that is perfectly combined with the addition of automations for insert loading and unloading. of the finished piece.

This solution has allowed High Tech to increase the reproducibility of co-molded pieces and to control the quantity of volumes, reducing costs also thanks to the zeroing of the labor involved thanks to the use of automation.